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Industrial Analysis and Inspection

Industrial Analysis and Inspection

TRAINING OBJECTIVESIndustrial analysis and inspection focuses on the industries of quality and security of industry manufacture, life and health and environmental protection. This major aims to cultivate students with high quality, who grasps technology of advanced modern analytical test, product quality management, laboratory certification and accreditation and instrument sales. The speciality emphasises ability of laboratory management, product quality management and precision analysis instrument techniques such as spectrum utilization, which enables students to grasp the skills of qualitative and quantitative analysing food and fodder nutritional ingredient, additives, pesticide residue, microorganism, industrial products, high polymer material, coating, injurious ingredient in environment.


MAJOR CHARACTERISTICStudents can choose their orientation from three options including food inspection, industrial analysis, environment monitor and assessment. Partnership with many national inspection institutions is established. There are many outstanding courses of this major including one state-level quality course and two provincial level quality courses. Moreover, advanced precision analysis instruments have been introduced, which are invaluable. There are numerous outstanding lecturers in this department, including four doctors, two masters, four senior professors and one teacher who obtained state-level teacher achievement award. The employed rate of our graduates achieves 100%. The graduates are preferentially introduced into well-paid and stable job positions such as custom, governmental institutes and quality inspection centres.


MAJOR COURSESLaboratory Organization and Management, Experimental Design and Data Processing, Sample Pre-treatment, Chemical Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, Microbiological Testing, Industry Analysis, Food and Feed Testing, Environmental Analysis and Monitoring, High Polymer Material Testing, Coating Analysis and Test, Food Physicochemistry and Nutrition Testing, Food Additive and Toxic Component Testing, Food Quality and Safety Management, HACCP System Practice


QUALIFICATION and CERTIFICATEChemical Inspector, Food Inspector, Environmental Supervisor, Sewage Processor




1.      Graduates can be engaged in administrative staff in different level of governmental quality inspection centres, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, environmental monitoring centres, institute for the control of agrochemical and other job positions related to environment, food and health.

2.      Graduates can also work as inspection technicians, laboratory administers and salesperson in the third-party inspection institution, foreign-owned enterprises, and privately operated companies.

3.      Technicians in the industries of daily used chemicals, light industry, materials, food, fodder, jewellery and manufacturing analytical instrument, and laboratory technician, chemical inspector, instrument analyst, instrument post sales engineer, salesperson and purchaser for instrument and reagent, laboratory and quality administers in quality inspection institute are available for graduates.


1.      One of our students obtained the provincial level third prize in 2010 Guangdong Food Inspector Skill Competition.

2.      Three of the students were awarded the state-level third prize in 2010 National Chemical Analysis Skill Competition.

3.      Two of the students were awarded the state-level first prize and one obtained the second prize in the 2011 National Chemical Analysis Skill Competition.

4.      Three of our students obtained the state-level third prize in 2011 National Environment Monitor Skill Competition.

5.      In the 2012 National Industrial Analysis Profession Skill Competition, two students from our college obtained state-level third prize. Also, the provincial level first, second and third prize were awarded to four, one and five of our students respectively.

6.      In 2012, our students’ team obtained the project approval in Guangdong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project.