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Digital Media and Production

Digital Media and Production


TRAINING OBJECTIVESThis major tries to cultivate talents in advanced technology application, who work on the frontline in digital media design industry. Students are required to grasp basic skills of website design, animation design, video post-production, with necessary knowledge of new media design, the practical ability of design in the front line and outstanding professional ethnics.

MAJOR CHARACTERISTICThis major cultivates digital media talents working on animation design, TV commercial design, video post-production, website design for the industries of animation, video, film, TV, and website design. It is the state-level prioritized practical major.

   The teachers graduated from the famous art colleges and have sophisticated experience in teaching and project design. They have obtained many prizes in the competition of design.

MAJOR COURSESGraphic Design, Font Design, Illustration Design, Layout Design, Advertisement Design and Creation, Network Animation Design, Web Design, Three-dimensional Animation Design, Digital Image, Multimedia Compact Disk Design

QUALIFICATION and CERTIFICATEQualification of Commercial Artist