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Environmental Arts and Design

Environmental Art and Design (Architectural Design Technology Direction)

TRAINING OBJECTIVESBased on the local and the Pearl River delta, it aims at cultivating qualified personnel with good occupational morality and spirit of innovation. Moreover, in order to serve the local construction industry, the person should be trained architectural theory and practical skills and be good at design, construction, communication and management.

MAJOR CHARACTERISTICBecause of the local industry background, the major needs to constantly adapt to the demand of society. As a result, it is taught by mode “studio -- project group”. Professional teachers are graduated from the 985 and 211 schools, with work experience in large-scale architectural design institute, and professional qualifications like registered architect and registered constructor. 75% of them are with senior professional titles. In recent years, the major brings in graduates from the top schools overseas, so as to broaden the professional horizons. Our design works have won lots of awards at home and abroad, with a leading position in China. Our teaching mode of graduation design "graduation defence, exhibition, promotion of employment" pays close attention to the needs of employers, which creates high quality employment.

MAJOR COURSESFundamental of Architectural Design, Construction Project Design, Computer Aided Design, Architectural Construction and Lectotype, Preliminary Architecture Design, Architectural Drafting and Structure, Architecture Material, Architectural Graphic Thinking, Architectural Design Principle, Site Design, etc.

QUALIFICATION and CERTIFICATEInterior Architect, Interior Designer