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Marketing (TAFE)



This major targets at Pearl River Delta, aiming to cultivate enterprise frontline junior managers with comprehensive English utilization, abilities of cooperating and communicating with others and consistent study, sophisticated marketing skills and advanced international marketing concept.



Students can take the advantage of dual Diploma, with the selection of getting jobs and studying abroad. The students will obtain both the domestic diploma issued by Ministry of Education and the British High National Diploma (HND) which achieved international standard and recognition. The scores of the courses are recognized world while. Graduates can directly enter many universities in the UK, Australia, Canada and USA, which allow them to finish their master degree in two years.

Students can also enjoy advanced teaching resources abroad. The teaching models strictly abide by the BTEC International Teaching Outline and the international unified quality system standard. The foreign teaching materials, methods and the pattern of small classes and bilingual teaching are utilized to cultivate students to meet requirement of international talents, with developed social practical and survival ability.

Teachers are distributed reasonably. Sophisticated foreign and domestic lecturers are introduced. Combining with the trait of Chinese and international advanced educational model, students practical, cooperating and self-educated abilities are cultivated. The combination of theoretical study and practice enables students to develop their skills.

Powerful professional skills and English ability are established while studying. The pattern of bilingual teaching provides students with outstanding environment to practice English, which contributes to students studying abroad and working in overseas-funded enterprise and enterprises with large scale. Students have the opportunity to practice in the USA and Shunde Polytechnic offer the chance for students to study in Germany and Australia as well.





Integrated English practice is concentrated in the first semester, which is also strengthened in other semesters throughout three years. The major courses include: Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Direct Marketing, Sales Management, Advertisement Planning, Marketing Planning, Marketing Survey and Design, International Marketing Survey, International Marketing Forecasting, International Marketing Activity Management, Network Marketing Management, Marketing Process Management, Marketing Audit, Organization Management


Trade Marketing AM-Customizing Certification, ERP Professional Certification, Assistant Marketing Specialist, Assistant Business Divisions