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Computer Application Technology

Computer Application Technology



Computer application technology attempts to cultivate students working on multimedia creation, animation design and creation, cartoon creativity and design, computer 2D advertisement creation, film and television media creation, 3D production, webpage design, office automation application.



It is the college level prioritized major. So far, there are five college level quality courses, one course constructed by the Instructing Committee of National Education, one state-level quality and several self-compiled teaching material. In the faculty, there are eight teachers which have both teaching and occupational background, 3 teachers achieving senior professional post, 7 lecturers holding master degree. Our teachers have outstanding teaching experience and practical ability and their students have awarded many prizes in their guide. Many famous enterprises have established partnership with us in this major. So far, there are 5 professional training rooms in campus and 20 training rooms off campus, which contributes to cultivating students vocational ability and ensure the quality of teaching.



Graphic Design, Animation Design, Animation Movement Regulation, Animation Storyboard Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Material Lamplight, Website Design and Creation, Flash Animation Manufacture and Application, Graph Imagery Processing and Application, Digital Equipment Application and Source Material Gathering, Computer Plane Design and Creation,  Film and Television Media Creation, Film and Television Media Later Period Processes, Computer Assembly and Maintenance



1. Certificate of Graphics Processor or Animation Creator for Guangdong Computer Information Technology Testing

2. The recommended certifications include: Certification of Medium Level of Multimedia Designer for National Computer Software Examination, Certificate of Microcomputer Installing and Debugging Engineer for Guangdong Computer Information Technology Testing, Certificate of Website Designer for Guangdong Computer Information Technology Testing, Painter Authentication Certificate of Expert, Photoshop Authentication Certificate of Expert, Certificate of Maya I Level Animation Engineer, Certificate of C or D Level of 2D Animation Designer, Certificate of C or D Level of 3D Animation Designer, Certificate of C or D Level of 3D Animation Designer, Certificate of C or D level Animation Post Productor, Certificate of Multimedia Designer.