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Electrical Automation Technology

Electric Automation Technology



Mainly for the manufacture and application of electrical devices and other related positions, the Electrical automation technology major aims to train the students to become high quality and high skilled talents, with good professional ethics, moderate basic theory and professional knowledge, proficient vocational skills and independent learning ability.



Electric automation technology is state-level key constructed major. The courses are well-constructed in this major, including one provincial quality course, one teaching committee defined quality course, two college-level quality courses. There are nine professional teachers doing this program. Among them, four teachers have sub-senior professional qualifications and four teachers have medium professional qualifications. We also have four support staff in the major.

Condition of practical training in and off campus is perfect, with six training bases in campus. Partnership is established with more than ten enterprises including Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Limited Company and Guangdong Shunkai Electric Limited Company.



Electrician and electronic technology, CAD for electric engineering, electrical control of machinery tools, electrician/electronic and electrical machine speed regulation technology and application, application of PLC and peripheral equipment, application of SCM and industrial controlling machine, application of automation equipment and production line equipment, high-ranking maintenance electrician training, etc.



Certificate of Senior Electrician, A or B Level of High School English Application, One or Two Level of High School Computer Examination, Certificate of Medium Computer Aided Design Drawing