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"Culinary Institute of Shunde" Unveiled in Shunde Polytechnic
2018-06-26 14:47  

On June 22nd, “Culinary Institute of Shunde” unveiling ceremony was held at the Academic Exchange Center of SDPT.Foshan municipal CPC standing committee member,Party secretary of Shunde district and SDPT Guo Wenhai, Vice president of Chinese Cuisine Association Qiao Jie, Chairman of the British Association of Food & Beverage Education Geoff Booth,local government officials and members from culinary industry witnessed the unveiling ceremony.

SDPT President Xia Wei delivered an opening remark and expressed his sincere appreciation to all the leaders, guests and friends who have long been concerned about the development of culinary education in SDPT. He said, “the Culinary Institute of Shunde has been established to meet the needs of the culinary industry with great support from Chinese Cuisine Association, Cantonese Cuisine Association, Shunde District CPC Committee, and other relevant organizations. SDPT will integrate regional culinary resources including famous restaurants and master chefs to provide high-quality learning resources.”

Party secretary Guo Wenhai cited a folk saying “Delicious food is in Guangzhou while Chefs are from Shunde” and said that “Shunde is ‘Home of Chefs’ and Shunde cuisine is famous at home and abroad. The Culinary Institute of Shunde will present not only Shunde cuisine but also its culture and history. In addition, the Institute could actively implement the ‘Cantonese Cuisine Master Chef Project’ and serve as a platform for training thousands of cooks, which will create job opportunities especially for the rural areas with a task of poverty relieve.”

During the unveiling ceremony, more than twenty Chinese culinary masters were invited to be adjunct professors of the Institute, which is of great significance to organize a professional faculty team.


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