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Shunde Polytechnic Selected As “2018 Asia-Pacific Influence TOP 50” for Vocational and Technical Colleges
2018-09-29 09:08  

The "2018 Education Forum for Asian Annual Conference" was held in Chengdu from Sept. 20-22 themed with "Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind, Creating a Better Tomorrow for Asian Education". More than 1000 experts and scholars from 26 countries and regions attended the forum.

During the conference, the list of “2018 Asia-Pacific Influence TOP 50” for vocational and technical colleges was released, with an aim to identify outstanding contributions and influences of vocational colleges and universities in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to promote the regional cooperation of vocational education and cultural exchanges. After two rounds of evaluation for applicants, 36 Chinese vocational colleges and other 14 Asia-Pacific vocational colleges and universities were selected as TOP 50. These colleges and universities have prominent achievements and influences in international cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries in the past five years in the fields of talents training, cultural exchanges and industry services.

Chinese vocational and technical colleges feature in close cooperation ties with partners from "Belt and Road" countries and make contributions with Chinese experiences, patterns and standards to the development of vocational and technical education. Shunde Polytechnic, as an example, was selected for its international projects including "Belt and Road" personnel training, “ Guangdong-Aachen Industrial 4.0 Applied Research Center" , “Chinese Food Prosperity Base", and international vocational qualifications training bases etc..

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