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Learning from Frontline Medical Workers
2020-04-07 16:58  

On 31st March, Foshan municipal deputy secretary of the CPC, Party secretary of Shunde district and SDPT (Shunde Polytechnic), Mr Guo Wenhai participated in an online thematic lesson, having a dialogue with frontline medical workers. Guo Wenhai and all students in Shunde district took a meaningful lecture. During the lecture, the representatives of medical workers, who assisted in Hubei epidemic control, told their stories of anti-epidemic, and communicated with teachers and students online.


The online thematic lesson was jointly organized by District Propaganda Department, District Education Bureau, District Health Bureau, Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University and etc. Ten representatives of medical workers, who assisted in frontline of fighting the COVID-19 in Central China's Hubei province, were invited to share their frontline personal experience and answered questions raised from students. Through the influence of role models, this lecture would inspire the students to cherish their lives, study harder, shoulder their responsibility, and make contributions to the country.


Teachers and students of SDPT also took this online thematic lesson proactively. Teacher Huang Minjuan, who leading 16th nursing class four, encouraged students to participate in the lesson, learned from frontline virus fight stories and shared their views.


On the lesson, Guo Wenhai communicated with nursing students and listened to their learning share on heroics. Liang Zhicong, one nursing student of SDPT, said he hope to be a nurse after graduation. He said, “After listening to medical workers’ stories, I understood the great intensity and high risks they had worked with. They and many frontline workers have spearheaded efforts despite difficulties and threats to their lives. I think nursing major is important because medical workers can treat patients with professional knowledge and also protect themselves from infection in quarantine. Therefore, I will study harder, increase my ability in practice and continue to fight at post saving people's lives.”


Guo Wenhai appreciated students and especially for Liang Zhicong’s aspiration. Guo Wenhai said that that nursing profession is important and in high demand. Furthermore, He affirmed SDPT’s remarkable educational achievements and comprehensive qualities of students.






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