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Gardening Technology


Gardening Technology (Flower Application Technology)

TRAINING OBJECTIVES  The students will be trained to be qualified and highly skilled talents who are developing in morality, intellect and physic and who meet the requirements of production, construction, management and service in garden technology (flower application), with great ability of flower production, management and administration, urban space distribution and floral environmental design.

MAJOR CHARACTERISTICThe students in our college mainly study the basic theoretical knowledge in gardening technology and grasp the basic skills of garden plant conservation, plant furnishing, garden construction etc. The main subjects include plant tissue culture, the Pest control of horticulture plant, green planting engineering, flower decoration and horticulture breeding, which stress the importance in practical education. Through the training, students’ could have qualification of senior afforestation engineers, senior flower engineers and garden construction engineers. We also establish partnership with famous enterprises, with eight training centres founded off campus. Moreover, a modern horticultural training lab will also be built in the campus. teachers. In the faculty, there are one professional teachers achieving doctor’s degree and two lecturers obtained postgraduate degree. They have the ability of the enterprise service.

MAJOR COURSESFlowers and Plants Supervision, the Pest Control of Horticulture Plant, Green Planting Design, Tissue Culture and Soilless Culture, Gardening Engineering, Flower Marketing

QUALIFICATION and CERTIFICATEAdvanced Afforestation Engineer, Senior Flower Engineer, Garden Construction Engineer