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Computer Network Technology

Computer Network Technology


This major targets at meeting the requirement of informationization construction and service. It tends to cultivate talents with the capacity of sustainable study and professional ethnics, who work on computer network system integration, administration and maintenance of network and WEB Explore and Network Product Sales etc.



There are twelve full-time teachers in this major. The teachers carry on many professional educational projects on medium and large scale and support network engineering and enterprise practice to implement professional education, which contributes to improving students professional skills and training them into network engineers and network administrators. The specialty was founded in 2001 and was awarded to Guangdong Demonstrative Major in 2006. It became the member of National Key College Prioritized Constructed Major in 2010. It has also established one state-level quality course and one multi-specialty shared state-level quality course.



Network Base Application and Practice, Network Construction, Network Wiring, Network Equipment Configuration Training, Network Operating System Management, Integration Communication, IPv6 Technology, Network Management and Maintenance, the WEB Application Development and Training, Network Security Deployment, Network Integrated Training and the other qualification test courses.




Certificates of Network Administrator and Network Engineer are recommended. The available certificates include CEAC (Computer Education Authorization and Certification) for Network Administrator, Public English Test System for Network Administrator and Network Engineer, as well as the Certificate of Network Engineer from Industry Associations. Moreover, corresponding occupational qualifications such as Website Design Engineer is available for students.