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Software Technology

Software Technology


This major mainly cultivates talents with high technic who grasp skills of IT and who work on service informationization for small and medium enterprise. According to the requirement of the market, the major is divided into two professional directions, which are Enterprise Management Information and Website Planning and Technology Development. Through training and studying the principles and process of enterprise informationization, students working on Enterprise Management Information are cultivated into talents who are able to develop and plan small and medium scale of information system and who are capable of constructing and managing websites and maintaining information system. Through studying and training related skills of Website Planning and Technology Development, students in this direction could work on website planning and development, operation and promotion, as well as marketing and service for software.



This specialty is the college prioritized constructed major. So far, there are two multi-specialty shared state-level quality courses, one provincial quality course and several network courses, with about 330 students studying this major. We have six training rooms, which cooperate with famous enterprises such as Guangdong Foshan Power Easy Network Technology Limited Company, Foshan Mini-ice Network Technology Limited Company, SEMP Software Technology Limited Company. The number of training bases off campus achieves 20, with one ERP training centre and one WEB development training base. Several framework agreements of cooperative cultivating students are signed with Guangzhou Tuosheng Network Technology Limited Company. There are 10 full-time teachers in the major. Four of them have achieved senior professional title and three teachers are PhD candidate. The students employed rate between 2010 and 2012 is 100%.



Direction of Enterprise Information Management: Construction and Maintenance of Enterprise Networks, Web Design and Production, Database Applications, Large Database Management, Advanced Office Applications, Web Programming, ERP Analysis and Practice, Financial Basis, Business Management and E-commerce Site Building and Management


Direction of Website Planning and Technology Development: C# Object-oriented Programming, Web Design and Production, Database Applications, Development and Application of Div+CSS+Javascript, Web Programming, Development of Linux, Mysql and PHP, SEO Optimization, Network Promotion, E-commerce Website Construction and Management



1. The following module is compulsory:

B level (or higher) High school English Application, Guangdong Computer Information of Advanced Technology Exam Module: Database administrator

2. The following module is recommended:

Qualification of Accountant, Office Automation(Senior), Website Designer(Senior), Database Network Security Administrator