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Tele-communication Technology

Tele-communications Technology



Meeting the needs of communication operators, manufacturers and engineering companies, the major aims are to train skilled application talents who will be able to engaged in the management of communications networks equipment, operation, inspection, maintenance and engineering, communications equipment production, testing, installation and commissioning, as well as communications product marketing functions, equipping with good professional skills.


This specialty is college level prioritized major. There are seven teachers holding educational and occupational qualifications, with one professor, one associated professor, two teachers holding Doctors degree and three of them holding master degree. Various facilities are established including communication operator telecommunication level exchange training rooms, optical access communication training rooms, cell phone maintenance training rooms. Apart from them, many training bases off campus are established, which provides outstanding condition for students.




Modern Switching Technique, Optical Transmission Device Operation and Maintenance, Data Network Technology, Mobile Communication, Communication Device Micro-control Technology, Mobile Terminal Maintenance Technology, Communication Drawing and Preliminary Budget, Radio Frequency Identification Devices, Sensor Network Technology, Broadband Access Network Technology




Senior maintainer for Cell phone, Wireless Network Optimization Engineer