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Applied English

Applied English



This major cultivate talents with outstanding English application ability, solid command of office secretary and theoretical knowledge of international trading, and the necessary skills for international trade and business. The ability of utilizing modern office equipment is also cultivated.



Applied English is the college-level key major as well as the prioritized major of 2010 National Demonstrative Vocational College Development Project. Special courses which combine English language learning with foreign trade knowledge (or skills) are established. Processes including post practice, industry veteran rostrum, enterprise courses, special project training and substituted post exercitation are involved in the three-year period of study. Personnel training is provided in the model of education and occupation orientation. Language competence and occupational skills are cultivated.




Integrated English, Oral English, Business English Translation, Business English Writing, Foundation of Foreign Trading, Foreign Trade English Correspondence, International Settlement, Foreign Trade Practice, E-business and International Marketing Practice, Foundation of Computer Application

Practical skill training, simulated teaching practice and occupational practice are provided in order to improve students application ability.



Certificate of International Commercial Documents or Alibaba E-business Application Commissioner (direction of international trade), Certificate of Customs Declarer, Cambridge Business English Certificate, Certificate of Senior Marketer, Certified E-Business Specialist, Certificate of Professional Translator for Business English




Graduates can work as export sales staff, merchandiser, salesperson, translator, and secretary in various industrial and commercial enterprises, foreign trade corporation, foreign-funded enterprise, shipping and logistics company and large and medium scale of port.



1. Students obtained the first and second position in Guangdong Vocational College Oral English Competition between 2010 and 2012.

2. First and second prize in Professional English Writing Competition.

3. Third prize in National Foreign Business Trade Competition.