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Culinary Techniques and Nutrition


Culinary Techniques and Nutrition



To meet the requirement of modern catering industry, the training model for students majoring in cooking techniques and nutrition is to establish cooperation with enterprises and international catering institution. This major tries to cultivate talents who meet the needs of local economic development and master the cooking techniques and nutritional knowledge, with outstanding academic quality and innovative ability.



Founded in 2007, Cooking Techniques and Nutrition is one of the major with trait of internationalization, which is constructed by the college. It has focused the attention of the government officials in regional, provincial, and state level since it was founded. The major has obtained recognition of people in different industry, via its teaching model, professional teachers and the concept of teaching with faith. It gained the project of Developing Majors Internationalization supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance in 2011. Since 2008, teachers and students have participated in many international catering events such as Beijing Olympic Game, Paralympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asia Game, Asian Para Games and Shenzhen Universidad.




Introduction to Catering, Food Nutrition and Health, Cooking Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Cooking Techniques, Cooking Materials, Pasta Production, Food Sculpture, Cold Food Techniques, Making China Dishes, Cantonese Dish Creation, Medicated Food, Restaurant and Catering Management, Banquet Design, Western Food Production, English for Cooking, Cooking Techniques Design, Wine and Cocktails Technical Knowledge



Qualification and certificate for Baker, Nutritionist, Cook for Chinese Food, Meal Ordering Division, Chinese Pastry Cook, Nutrition Catering Division, Cook for Western-style Cuisine, Pastry Cook