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Social Work

Social Work

TRAINING OBJECTIVESThis programme of Social Work and Social Administration is an integrated scheme which aims to cultivate students' commitment to ethical practice and passion for eliminating social injustice and helping the disadvantaged; to equip students with competence to serve the society through direct service provision, strategic research and policy advocacy, as well as critical and independent thinking; to prepare students for life-long learning and professional growth and development; to advance knowledge of social problems and solutions through rigorous research; and to collaborate with social service profession in building bridges between rigorous research and social work practice.

TRAINING OBJECTIVESThis major intends to cultivate social work talents who possesses basic theoretical knowledge, practical skills, outstanding professional ethics and communication skill. Students can work on social work service and community management affairs with the cultivated spirit of social assistance and communication.

MAJOR CHARACTERISTICWith the spirit of helping people to help themselves, graduates can take their professional advantages of helping others. The faculty in this major has not only excellent foundation of theoretical knowledge, but also abundant social practical experience. With the superior educational and practical training condition in the college, students can grasp theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills.

MAJOR COURSES Foundation of Sociology, Social Psychology, Introduction of Social Work, Social Work Methodology, Social Work Practice, Social Policy and Social Welfare, Social Investigation Methods, Voluntary Service and Volunteer Development, Culture and History of Pearl River Delta

QUALIFICATION and CERTIFICATECertificate of social work professional and related skill certificate

JOB PROSPECTGraduates can be engage in the job positions in community service institutions, community affairs service centres and the institutions of civil administration, the Women's Federation, the communist youth league, Trade Union, sanitation, judiciary, charity organization, sub-district office, community and social organization