Message from the President

I appreciate your interest in studying or working at Shunde Polytechnic, our students’ gateway to more splendid opportunities in their future career. As president of the college, I am fully committed to providing best vocational training of higher education with the valuable co-efforts of our faculty, staff and students.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, we are honored by our accomplishment to be one of the top colleges and most prestigious polytechnics providing modern vocational higher education in China. We will not rest on this achievement, but will remain diligent to continually improve our efforts for our students and the noble educational mission.  

We are committed to fully develop our polytechnic for our students, and our schools in reaching the full potential.  We are glad to help students seeking a higher quality of life, gaining upward mobility in their future career, and more importantly, seeking to make more contributions to our nation and the world. We look forward to being students’ first choice for higher vocational education in China.

Shunde Polytechnic will not only provide the best vocational education to our students but also instill the best values in our students. Thus, we can advance our important mission in higher education and vocational education. I welcome any comments or suggestions that may assist us in our efforts.