About Shunde Polytechnic

Established in the March of 1999, Shunde Polytechnic is a higher vocational educational institution approved by the Ministry of Education and is primarily funded by the Shunde government. The campus covers an area of 116.6 hectares (1749 mu), with an investment over 1.7 billion RMB.


In the course of its development, Shunde Polytechnic has built up a reputation of being truly industry-oriented, with innovative technology and updated know-how featured in its programs and a global view for development. Its diploma programs prepare students for a professional career in an increasingly global-cooperating industry environment. Students from all over the nation are enrolled in numerous programs, which feature various degrees of international educational cooperation. Shunde Polytechnic actively participates in projects aimed at supporting cooperation between Chinese vocational higher education and international higher education and keeps on improving curricula and program to achieve the best vocational higher education in China.


Currently, Shunde Polytechnic consists of eleven schools(School of Energy and Automobile Engineering, School of Intelligent Manufacturing, School of Light Chemical Industry and Materials, School of Medicine and Health Care, School of Design, School of Business, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, School of Humanities, School of Foreign Studies, School of Culinary Arts, School of Further Education) and Faculty of Ideological and Political Theory. Currently Shunde Polytechnic has 16,028 full-time students and 2,781 part-time students.


Serving as one of the knowledge spreading and talent training higher education centers for regional economic development, Shunde Polytechnic is fully committed to the development of modern higher vocational education. The college spares no efforts in enhancing its partnership with both government agencies and business corporations to achieve the most optimized effective integration of industrial expertise, education and research.


Global vision is another driving force behind Shunde Polytechnic’s remarkable development. Engaged in fruitful cooperation with excellent international educational institutes and universities, this institution is advancing towards a higher level of internationalization.


Shunde Polytechnic regards providing high level educational service and industry-research-related service to local communities and the nation as its key mission. With this mission in mind, Shunde Polytechnic is fully dedicated in enhancing its capability to produce qualified high-skilled professionals, innovate technologies, and thus serve the need of talent for industry development. 


Shunde Polytechnic prioritizes development of a qualified faculty. Currently the college has 933 faculty members. Among them, 713 are full-time college teachers and instructors, 263 are associate professors, or professors. So far the college has one “National Excellence” Teaching Group, two “Excellent Teachers” recognized at the national level and six at the provincial level. This faculty is recognized as very strong and outstanding in terms of age structure, academic qualifications and achievement, and the percentage of teachers who obtained industry-related certificates among national polytechnic colleges featuring vocational education.