About the Library


Shunde Polytechnic’s Wengyou Library is a municipal leader of academic library service, modernization of academic resource management and excellent innovation in providing know-how, knowledge materials to teaching faculty, staff, and most importantly, all the students and those who want to learn. The library, its website and inter-library cooperation promote the atmosphere of seeking knowledge and seeking truth with a curious eyes and critical mind with a down-to-the-earth attitude.


The seven-story, 22,000 square-meter modern library is situated by the beautiful bank of the Bigui Lake, with entrance facing the Xinhe Square and looks like a ship sailing to the lake.  In addition to housing traditional library resources and providing services in an read-friendly atmosphere, spacious reading rooms,  and some invitingly comfortable semi-open learning salon spaces.



Mission and vision

Our mission is to making education silently joyful, making minds beautiful, introducing changes and progress in lives and establishing more bonds between the ivory towers and the leading enterprises in their various, specialized fields.


We spare no efforts in ensuring better opportunity and resources to read, study, engage, enjoy, and in preparing students to get involved in practical work and learning at the same time


Library Managing Staff and Structure, Faculty and Facilities

The Library has five departments, namely, library office department, resource development department, circulation department, Reference Department and the Technical Department. There are currently full-time 34 library staff members, 30 of them have professional trainings or certificates, 10 of them have information management degrees. They worked hard in various sections in specific fields including CatalogingReference & Information Literacy Online & Distance LearningInnovative Technologies  Acquisitions and Archive management Interlibrary Circulation and cooperation and other outreach services to provide better service for the students and teachers as well as people who are already out of campus and working in enterprises or other sections of the society.


With trendy and stylish architectural design, adequate natural light, students and teachers in the library can view the books comfortably and view the beautiful lakeside and square during short relaxing intervals. On the first floor there are reception desks for booking circulation, information sharing area, display area, leisure reading area, tea room. Students can provide also borrow books with self-service circulation, printing and copying, reference, electronic resource utilization, or enjoy casual reading in the leisure reading area with sofa and coffee table. From Two to the fifth floor, there are of books of various fields. On the fifth floor students can read newspapers, magazines and academic journals.  On the sixth floor there is a well-designed seminar area for discussion in low voices for brainstorming or thought-provoking idea exchanges.


Readers , Collections and other relevant figures

• More than 25,000 library cards are in use in 2013



• Over 1,595,000 items, including books, e-books , DVDs, multi-media items

and music (128,000 more downloads than in 2012).


• latest public computers are in use in the multi-media resource rooms, and mobile devices including smart phones or iPads can have wifi access in the library.



• Outreach Services various local communities, including senior residences, enterprise technicians and managers.




1.      Deliver excellent library services with latest technology

o       Solicit and act on feedback via various channels

o       Quickly recognize and respond to reasonable needs and rising numbers of students and readers.

o       Develop services with innovation in our service philosophy

o       Provide services that are students-and-staff-centered

o       Engage readers and learners in various workshops and lecturers regularly


2.      Build and maintain our collections

o       Remove barriers to information and content

o       Preserve historical collections of milestone achievements of Shunde Polytechnic

o       Upgrade our service with latest library technologies

o       Build confident, self-reliant library users

o       Set Library policy and make investments to ensure students can fully enjoy their visit to the library as ardent learners.


3.      Expand community engagement and collaborations

o       Maintain and imbue passion into our cooperation with other colleges, businesses, NPOs, foundations and the local community

o       Have regular volunteer service to support our community

o       Create a great image for our campus

o       Creatively upgrade our library services


4.      Develop onsite, online services and social media that support reader access

o       Introduce the latest IT technology into our service

o       Upgrade and maintain facilities in accordance to first class college library standards in China

o       Create library environments that are welcoming, inviting, convenient, and confortable


5.      Build staff confidence and commitment to innovation and professionalism

o       improve customer service constantly

o       Use new technologies and management know-hows

o       Introduce more research-based information in developing library service


6.      Optimize funding of library services with private donations and public funds

o       Demonstrate the value of library services to readers and local governmental sections of education

o       Strengthen the Library's partnership with various and potential generous donators willing to making giving for the scared education cause.

o       Partner with foundations

o       Strengthen the relationship between the municipal Bureau of Education and our polytechnic for consistent support and investment in library system