Location & Transportation

Getting to Shunde Polytechnic

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:

It is not advised to have taxi service because it is quite expensive from the airport to the polytechnic. Better option is to get the Airport Express Coach (ticket fee: 45RMB, one-hour trip) directly to Shunde Jiaxing Airport Coach Station at Gate 5 (Zone B) after arriving. And then take a taxi to Shunde Polytechnic (Fee: about 25 RMB to 30RMB)

From Guangzhou South High-Speed Railway Station:

Option 1: By Taxi, and the fee is from 200RMB to 260RMB.


Option 2:

A  Step 1,   Intercity Express Train (Guangzhu Express) Guangzhou Nan to Shunde College (Shunde Xueyuan) Station.

Step 2 No.918 Bus directly to Shunde Polytechnic’s East Gate.


B  Step 1,   Intercity Express Train (Guangzhu Express) Guangzhou Nan to Ronggui Station.

Step 2.  No.925 Bus can bring you to the Gate of Shunde Polytechnic.


You may also take taxi after getting off the Guangzhu Express at the above mentioned two stations. Shunde College Station (Shunde Xueyuan Station) is closer to the college.

Another choice for new comers: Pickup from Airport

Shunde Polytechnic offers pickup service during working hours for those international teachers who will visit the college for the first time.

Useful expressions
After you are in Guangdong Province:
English: Hi! Would you please take me to Shunde Polytechnic please? The address is Dengsheng East Road, Daliang, Shunde.



Of course, you are always welcome to dial the international office telephone 0757-22329991 during working hours to have our help for directions.