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International Office & Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs

International Office & Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs

International Office and the Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs mainly deal with international affairs and affairs of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan at Shunde Polytechnic. We support college staff and students for official international academic and cultural exchanges and cooperation. We also are in charge of recruiting and cooperating with international teaching staff and they offer advice and replies to visiting international students and students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

We make every effort to provide international students visiting the polytechnic of different nationalities and diverse cultures with good educational service to enjoy campus life and learn together with mutual understanding and friendship, a fun and friendly atmosphere and a nice environment. We diligently create a great atmosphere that nurtures understanding and friendship leading to wonderful bridges between cultures and students can naturally gain intercultural skills that enhance their capacity as future leaders in the global community.

We provide specialist support and guidance for our students, faculty and international visitors and scholars. Whether you're an international student planning to visit us for short-term programs, a current student searching for official information on study abroad opportunities, or an overseas institution looking to cooperate with us, please contact us without hesitation.

Our mission is to build sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships that promote quality education and training for our students and faculty globally. The office is more than a liaison between internal and international entities, it is also an office setting guidelines for collaboration and serving as a resource hub for international information and resources.

International Office is responsible for coordinating, developing, and expanding the scope of Shunde Polytechnic's international initiatives and affairs globally. Thus, our students can not only study with international quality and latest technologies and teaching methodology in higher vocational education and training, but also share professional expertise with educators and students globally. Plus, students can develop leadership skills and understanding of the trends and directions of international vocational education in international environments.

The offices are responsible for:

International Communication

International Exchange

International Cooperation

International Visiting

International Teachers

Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan affairs

Tel:+86 (0)757 22323766/22329991

Fax: +86 (0)757 22323766


Postal Address (in English and Chinese)

International Office, 6th Floor of Administration Building,

Shunde Polytechnic, Desheng East Road,

Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province , P.R.China. Postal code: 528333

Please mail to :


顺德职业技术学院 行政楼6楼

国际交流处与港澳台事务办公室(收) 邮编528333