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A Letter to Shunde Residents, Overseas Folks and Foreign Friends
2020-04-07 17:11  

Dear friends:


According to the latest policy and regulation of the state, and with the purpose of further improving the prevention and control of imported overseas epidemics, maximizing the protection of you and your family's health and safety, please be aware of and cooperate with the following guidelines:


1.Starting from 6:00 a.m.on March 27, all passengers who enter Guangdong via Guangdong ports (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, and transit passengers), and those who come  via other province’s ports with an overseas traveling record in the past 14 days before coming to Guangdong (including foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas),are required to take nucleic acid tests and a 14-day quarantine for medical observation. The costs of food and accommodation during the quarantine are at passenger’s own expense who entered mainland China after March 19.


2.In accordance with the newly policy released by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Immigration Administration, and Civil Aviation Administration, starting at 0:00 a.m. on March 28, foreigners with valid visas, residence permits, APEC business travel cards, and transit visa exemptions are temporarily suspended of entry. Since March 29, the number of international flights arriving in China has decreased significantly. Please reconsider the necessity and the risk of a long-distance travel, for the increasing risk of cross infection in high-density confined space on board. You are suggested to make more reasonable arrangements by reducing the number of transfer and increase self-protection during the travel.


3.If you do need to return to Shunde recently, please log in and fill out your personal health status and itinerary in the "Information Registration for People Entering Foshan" mini program before entering mainland China (at least three days in advance). In the meantime, please report to your community and employer about your personal information, date and port of entry, flight information, etc.


4.When you arrive at Shunde, please cooperate with the government and medical staff during the transfer and registration, and follow the guidance and requirements of the health monitoring measures such as the nucleic acid testing and quarantine for medical observation. The food and accommodation fees are at your own expense in accordance with the prices displayed in the quarantine hotel.


5.According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, and the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, those who deliberately conceal, omit or delay to report their personal or relatives' travel and residence record, which cause the spread of the COVID-19 or related adverse consequences , would be investigated for relevant legal liability in accordance with the laws.


6.The Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau and the Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Shunde district have established an Epidemic Aiding and Information Sharing Platform for Shunde overseas folks and students. If you are in need of epidemic prevention materials, please register through this platform. Our staff will follow up and assist you to contact the relevant departments. If you plan to return or have already returned to Shunde, please register through the "Information Registration" port and fill in the related information accurately for better assistance. If you run into trouble overseas, please dial Chinese overseas consular protection hotline:12308 or seek for assistance through the local Chinese embassy and consulate.


Hotline of epidemic prevention and control: 0757-22838180


Hotline of Shunde Foreign Affairs Bureau: 0757-22832322, 13702263988


Hotline of Returned Overseas Chinese Federation of Shunde district: 0757-22832313, 22832350


Hotline of Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan residents: 0757-22832389


QR code of Information Registration for People Entering Foshan


QR code of Epidemic Aiding and Information Sharing Platform for Shunde overseas folks and students 




COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and

Control Headquarter’s Office of

Shunde, Foshan

April 2, 2020

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