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Shunde Overseas Chinese Federation Visits SDPT
2020-05-22 15:54  

On 20th May, Huang Jianxiong, Chairman of Shunde Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Jiang Weiqiang, Chief of Shunde District Committee Overseas Chinese Association, Tang Yuhai, Secretary General of Shunde Worldwide Friendship Association, Ma Jianxi, President of Shunde Overseas Student Association American Branch paid a visit to SDPT and participated in international project cooperative meeting on “High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges Construction Plan”. Ning Shunqing, Director of SDPT International Education and Exchange Center as well as teachers met with them, warmly welcomed and expressed gratitude for support.


Ning briefed the guests about the SDPT latest internationalization improvement programs under “High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges Construction Plan” in general and more specifically about exported vocational education standard and pivotal projects in internationalization.


Huang spoke highly of the fruitful results of the international projects development in SDPT and introduced overview of overseas Chinese and enterprises from Shunde. He expressed his readiness on behalf of the Shunde government to support and facilitate the development of relevant programs in SDPT and more particularly about establishing international cooperation projects with overseas Shunde enterprises and jointly build a Shunde higher vocational education brand.


On the internationalization cooperative project meeting, both sides have reached consensus on building vocational education brand under closer government-corporations-college cooperation at all level. Moreover, SDPT will further develop “High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges Construction Plan” with international vision.  




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