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Shunde Polytechnic held online international education conference with Johor of Malaysia
2021-11-03 18:03  

On 3rd November, Shunde Polytechnic and Johor of Malaysia held online conference for promoting vocational education international program.

The conference was attended by Zheng Xiuqiang, Chairman of the Digital Economy Centre, Advisor to the Minister of State of Johor, Zheng Lizhan, Manager of Digital Economy Centre, Mei Mei Liao, Director of MPS Academy, Chin Wei Choong, President of Ambitious Academy, Lin Qiaorong, Manger of Foreign Affair Department of Country Garden Group. Relevant faculty and teachers from the International Education Exchange Center and the School of Foreign Studies attended the conference.

The international cooperation program between SDPT and Johor of Malaysia is of great significance, which also supported by the Country Garden Group. The cooperation aims to establish a cross-border e-commerce training centre in Johor, Malaysia, which will further enhance vocational education, expand cooperation and exchange, and provide strong support for "One Belt, One Road" construction.

Two sides discussed in depth about professional courses, international certification of education and training standards for cross-border e-commerce, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, furniture design, hotel management and culinary techniques major. This program will be dedicated to vocational and technical skills training for local personnel and students.

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