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Shunde Polytechnic Students took part in online activities with youths from central Asian countries
2022-06-25 19:20  

To celebrate 30th anniversary of South Korea- China relations, South Chungcheong Province of South Korea hosted series international events involving youths from South Korea, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Shunde Polytechnic, under the support of Guangdong Provincial Education Department, attended the online activities including opening ceremony, international cultural exhibition, cooking competition etc., since May, 2022.

One of the highlights was online real time international culinary competition on June 25. All international youth chefs prepared Korean dishes separately and had their cooking process displayed on line. With the guidance by Mr. Mai Shenghong as culinary tutor, five students, from culinary school of Shunde Polytechnic won the third prize.

Concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic, Shunde Polytechnic have had its most of international events held on line since 2020.

Internation culinary competition was held online 

Youth chef from culinary school of Shunde Polytechnic competing at a online culinary competition.


Korean dish cooked by students on the online culinary competition 

Students took part in the online culinary competition

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