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Shunde Polytechnic signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Neuman Esser Group in Germany
2023-05-25 15:25  

On the morning of May 25, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shunde Polytechnic and German Neuman Esser Group was held in the Administration Building. Neuman Esser Group Chairman Stefanie Peters, New Energy General Manager Dr. Patrick Beaujean, Asia Pacific Strategic Cooperation Dr. Hao Ngo, Beijing General Manager Shi Xiangling, Beijing Sales Manager Guo Ran, Foshan Government Office in Germany Chief Representative Rong Qiang, Special Assistant Li Shenghui, Shunde Polytechnic President Xia Wei, Dean of the School of Energy and Automotive Engineering attended the ceremony.

Mr. Xia Wei introduced the situation of Shunde Polytechnic, expressed that SDPT will attach great importance to the Neuman Esser Group - Shunde Polytechnic Green Energy Technology Research, Development and Promotion Center, continue to promote the research and development of new energy technology and improve the hydrogen energy industry high-quality development.

Chairman Stefanie Peters said that Neuman Esser Group has valued hydrogen energy as a strategic priority, and the development plan of Foshan new energy is highly consistent with the strategic needs of the group. She was glad to become a strategic partner with Shunde Polytechnic and is full of confident in the prospects of cooperation between both sides.

Mr. Rong Qiang fully affirmed the achievements of SDPT, and was confident in the prospects of cooperation between Neuman Esser Group and SDPT. He hoped that the two sides could continue to deepen cooperation and jointly train more knowledgeable, skilled and innovative high-quality technical talents.

The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement and unveiled the "Neuman Esser Group - Shunde Polytechnic Green Energy Technology Research and Development and Promotion Center".

Founded in 1830 in Aachen, Germany, the Neuman Esser Group is the world's leading manufacturer of hydrogen energy equipment. Foshan and Aachen are friendly and cooperative cities. In April 2017, Shunde Polytechnic signed a contract with RWTH Aachen University in Germany to jointly build Guangdong Aachen Industry 4.0 Application Research Center. In July 2021, Shunde Polytechnic signed an online agreement with Neuman Esser Group to cooperate in the construction of Guangdong-Aachen Green Energy Center.

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