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Hong Kong Education Bureau Visited Shunde Polytechnic
2023-11-09 19:30  

On the afternoon of November 9, Permanent Secretary for Hong Kong Education Bureau, Mrs. Li Meichang, led a group of 14 people from Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, Hong Kong Metropolitan University and the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council visit Shunde Polytechnic for research and exchange. Mr. Li Jinjun, Director of Guangdong Education Bureau Guangdong Province Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office attended the research and exchange. Mr. Gong Wu, chairman of CHINE STAR Construction R&D (GuangDong) Group Co., Ltd., Mrs. Ou Shulian, managing director of Guangdong Guangyi Health Care Technology Co., Ltd., Mrs. Tian Quntong, Director of IT Department of Guangdong Vanward Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Xianxiang, Shunde Polytechnic Secretary of the Party Committee, Mrs. Luo Dan, Shunde Polytechnic vice president, Administrative Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Science and Technology Office, School of International Cooperation and Exchange, School of Futher Education, etc., attended the exchange and research activities.

On the meeting, Mrs. Li Meichang recognized the achievements of Shunde Polytechnic, then introduced the education system of Hong Kong and the achievements of vocational education in Hong Kong in recent years. She expressed confidence in jointly exploring and promoting the mutual recognition of vocational college degrees in Guangdong under the guidance of the Ministry of Education

Mr. Li Jinjun recognized the research and exchange held today. Guangdong Education Bureau would continully promote the mutual recognition of credits and degrees between Guangdong and Hong Kong and establish a platform for in-depth cooperation. 

Mr. Li Xianxiang introduced the situation of Shunde Polytechnic, and said that school would actively participate in the cooperation between Shunde and Hong Kong in the areas of mutual credit recognition and curriculum cohesion, and make effort to establish the educational framework system with Guangdong-and-Hong Kong characteristics. Representatives of CHINE STAR Construction R&D (GuangDong) Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Guangyi Health Care Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Vanward Group Co., Ltd. respectively introduced industry-university-research cooperation between enterprises and Shunde Polytechnic.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the Guangdong-Aachen Industry 4.0 Application Research Center and the Culinary Academy Training Center.

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