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2024 Europe and France Youth Exchange Program: Shunde Polytechnic “A Journey of Experiencing China Intangible Cultural Heritage”
2024-06-01 09:00  

This program caters to youth eager to immerse in traditional local culture. Participants will delve into the culinary delights of the City of Gastronomy, explore the art of gardening, admire architectural wonders, wander through charming water towns, learn martial arts, and experience the thrill of dragon boat racing—a comprehensive journey through China's rich intangible cultural heritage.


1. The budget for this short-term exchange program is set at 5,000 yuan per person (approximately 650 US dollars per person), including accommodation, transportation, attraction tickets, tour guide fees, and miscellaneous expenses.

2. The above itinerary is a preliminary plan, and specific arrangements and expenses are subject to actual circumstances.

3. The above plan is applicable to group exchanges with 10 or more participants.

Please download the attachment enclosed to get more information about the exchange program!

附件【YES项目宣传册Shunde Polytechnic 2024 Youth Exchange Program Proposal(英语版).pdf已下载
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