Research Center

Research Centers


Shunde Polytechnic has established 24 scientific institutions and public service platforms. These include three provincial or national inspection and detection centers (China Food Safety and Nutrition Analysis Testing Centre, South China Supervision and Testing Station for Household Air—conditioning Quality. Guangdong Provincial Inspection and Testing Centre for Refrigerators), one national public service platform for small and medium—sized enterprises (Foshan Shunde Productivity Promotion Centre), two provincial—level R&D centers (Hazardous Material Substitution under the Supervision of the South China Household Appliance Research Academy, Intelligent Household Appliance Research Institute under the Supervision of the South China Household Appliance Research Academic ), one provincial—level training institute (Guangdong Shunde Training and Entrepreneurship Academy), one provincial—level coordinated innovation development center (Guangdong Coordinated Innovation Development Centre for Furniture Engineering and Digitalized Equipment Technology), one Academician Studio (Yang Shuzi Academician Studio), three municipal level scientific institutions (Guangdong Heat Pump Engineering Technology Development Centre, Guangdong Furniture Engineering Technology Development Centre, Foshan Technology Development Centre for Electromechanical Major), one Research & Practice base (The Research & Practice Base of Guangdong Scientific Development Perspective R&D Base for Regional Innovation System), five enterprise public technology service platforms (Shunde Productivity Promotion Centre, Shunde Hi—tech Industries Incubation Base, Shunde Intellectual Property Training Base, Shunde Commercial and Technological Service Entrepreneurship Base, Shunde Specialized Professionals Continuing Education Base ), four Shunde government public service platforms (High—tech Business Incubation Centre, Shunde Cadre on Line Institute, Veteran Vocational Skills Training Centre, Shunde Community Service Institute), two social service centers (Gerontology Research Centre, Shunde Mandarin Proficiency Test and Language Workstation), one industrial design organization (Shunde Industrial Design Institute) . These platforms have efficiently combined regional education, industry and scientific research and strongly supported the change of regional economic development mode.