Board of Trustees



The Board of Trustees of Shunde Polytechnic is always committed to an ambitious and global vision in promoting higher vocational educations and applied sciences and technology. Shunde Polytechnic is enhancing our international collaborations, improving education quality and envisioning a splendid future with the valuable help and guidance of the Board of Trustees.


The Board emphasizes that Shunde Polytechnic should “think globally and act locally” for better development of the college. We attach great importance to academic learning and real-world training. The Board collaborates with faculty and administration staff to improve our curriculum and teaching and realize our educational mission.


The Trustees of Shunde Polytechnic are honored to carry out its responsibilities:


       to uphold the educational and social mission and vision, and endorse proper strategies and policies to fulfill them efficiently and effectively,

       to ensure the financial well-being and generous sponsorship resources for the college,

       to promote the college in the nation and around the world,

       to oversee the realization of quality in terms of college programs and academic performance.


The Board of Trustees has substantial and influential control over the polytechnic, including all of its schools, labs, research and training centers and other units. Among other responsibilities, the board contributes greatly to promoting the global image of Shunde Polytechnic, introducing the latest higher education management philosophy, and realizing of quality vocational higher education. Through the bylaws, the routine management and administration of the university is delegated by the trustees to the president.


The Board of Trustees includes board-elected trustees, Shunde Polytechnic employees, faculty, students and alumni elect individuals to serve on the board.



The Office of the Board of Trustees


The Office of the Board of Trustees is on the 3rd floor of the west wing in the administrative building of Shunde Polytechnic (Currently in the same office room of the Office of Shunde Polytechnic). The director of the office is responsible for the administrative matters involving the Board of Trustees and is in charge of official record-keeping for the proceedings of the Board of Trustee meetings. Much of the Board's support is administered by associate secretaries and administrative coordinators for the Board of Trustees. The Board welcomes your ideas. Please feel free to contact the Board via the Office of the Board of Trustees.