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TRAINING OBJECTIVESWe intend to cultivate students with the basic skills to work in Pharmacy Care, Pharmaceutical Science, Drug Analysis, Drug Marketing and Pharmaceutical Managing field. The students should also possess premier moral ethics and skilful techniques while having the ability to develop sustainably in pharmacy career.

MAJOR CHARACTERISTICThis program is one of the state-level key college priority major. The total value of the medical instruments has achieved 10 million Yuan. We have also outstanding lecturers in the faculty. The numbers of the teachers holding the doctor’s and master’s degree are five and six respectively and five of them are associate professors.

MAJOR COURSESFoundation of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Chinese Herbal Medicine Application and Dispensing Technology, Chinese Herbal Medicine Production Technology, Drug Analysis and Testing, Food Inspection Technology, Pharmaceutical Marketing and GSP, Clinical Rational Drug Use, etc.


Senior Medicine Commodity Promoter, Medicine Commodity Trade Assistant, Drug Tester, Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispenser


    Graduates can be engaged in prescription dispensing, medicine use guidance, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical testing and pharmaceutical marketing. Other aspects like producing, analysing and marketing related products such as food, cosmetic, healthy product and medical apparatus and instruments are available as well.


1.      We obtained two first prizes, one second prize and two third prizes in Nation Vocational College Skill Competition in 2011 and 2012 continuously.

2.      Bronze Prize was awarded in 2012 in the eighth Challenge Cup of Guangdong College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition.