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TRAINING OBJECTIVESWe intend to cultivate the students with the medical professional morality and manner to enable them to master the basic medical knowledge, operate the common rehabilitation equipment, and adeptly assess and treat the patient independently. Besides, the students are expected to communicate successfully with clients and have the ability to continue self-study. The students are expected to master the perfect skills of operation, adapt themselves to the society and have the potential and creative ability.

TRAINING OBJECTIVESRehabilitation intends to cultivates skill-oriented sustainable talents with outstanding humanistic spirit and professional morality, who possess the core skills of rehabilitation evaluation and the basic technique of rehabilitation, superior ability of practical operation, interpersonal communication and social work.

MAJOR CHARACTERSTICThere is outstanding faculty working on rehabilitation. Many rehabilitation training rooms in campus which were reinvested 3 million Yuan for normalization and rehabilitation teaching facilities are utilized in integrated education. In addition, with the cooperation of many influential top hospitals and rehabilitation institutions in Guangdong, numerous rehabilitation training centres have been established off campus, which contribute to students’ clinic practice and occupation. Our graduates were highly praised by the employers and occupation opportunity and quality have been improved.

MAJOR COURSESHuman Anatomy and Kinematics, Rehabilitation Assessment and Evaluation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Chinese Traditional Rehabilitation Skills, Psychological Therapy, Community Based Rehabilitation, Clinical Rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation therapist

JOB PROSPECTDepartment of rehabilitation medicine in general hospital, rehabilitation special hospital, rehabilitation department of community health service institution; Rehabilitation and health care services positions in rehabilitation institutions such as civil administration, disabled persons’ federation, Trade Union, welfare institutions for children and the elders. Other positions in rehabilitation and health care institutions like special school, cerebral palsy and infantile autism rehabilitation institutions and sport teams are available to graduates as well.


The second prize was awarded in the First Rehabilitation Skill Competition.