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Automobile Inspection and Maintenance

Automobile Inspection and Maintenance



Our mission is to foster high-quality, technologically applicable graduates with a hardworking and honest vocational trait, a competent command of vocational skills in automobile breakdown diagnosis, performance inspection, and maintenance, and also a sustainable ability to learn, to behave and to improve. Thus prepared, our graduates can excel in such jobs as automobile inspection, maintenance, sales, repair service consultancy, assessment, insurance and claims in the first line of automotive after-market industry of production, management or service.



Automobile inspection and maintenance is the provincial prioritized major in Guangdong. The direction of automotive electronic technology is established, which trains talents in order-oriented model. There are seven training rooms in campus, with professional equipment worth more than 5 million yuan.




Basic Knowledge of Mechanical Analysis and Application, Modern Mechanical Drawing, Automobile Construction and Maintenance, Electric structure and Maintenance of Automobile, Construction and Maintenance of Automotive Engine Control System, Construction and Maintenance of Automobile Body and Chassis Electronic Control System, Automobile Inspection and Fault Diagnosis, Automobile Management and Marketing, Construction and maintenance of Automotive Air Conditioning, Practical Training of Automobile Disassembly



Qualification of A or B level of College English Application, 1 or 2 Level of National Computer Examination, Senior Automobile Maintenance Engineer