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Mechatronics Technology

 Mechatronics Technology



This major targets at mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing industry and attempts to cultivate talents with outstanding professional skills and ethnics, who work on mechatronics equipment design, control and manufacture, product inspection, product debugging, installing and marketing.




This major is the prioritized specialty in Guangdong. The courses focus on the cultivating the integrated skills of assembling electromechanical equipment, electrical equipment debugging, equipment repair and controlling, which are characterized by the concept of machine concentration, machine and electricity combination, grasping technology. Teachers in this major stress the importance of practice and cultivating skill. Some students participate in the work of scientific development and service.



Engineering Graphing, Basic Technology of Mechanical Analysis and Application, Basic Technology of Mechanical Manufacturing, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Electric Controlling of General Electromechanical Equipment, Electrical and PLC Control Technology, Configuration and Adjustment of Mechanical- Hydraulic System, Configuration and Adjustment of Auto Production Line, Installation, Adjustment and Maintenance of NC Machining Tool, Machinery Manufacturing Integrated Design



Qualification of senior maintenance electrician, PLC System Designer (level 3 or 4), Senior Draftsman