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Mould Design and Manufacture

Mould Design and Manufacture



Targeting at machinery manufacture industry, this specialty aims to train highly-skilled personnel who will work in the industry of machinery and mould manufacturing, who will be specially skilled in varied fields of modern mold manufacturing and management from mold parts processing and mold design, to modern mold manufacturing equipment operation and to mold project organization and management etc. , who will possessed good professional ethics , good vocational skills and a certain capacity for sustainable development.



This major focuses on mould designing and manufacturing, implementing the educational concept of students shaped in practical education, developed by production practice, integrated in the internship and innovated in the work. Simultaneously, students ability of product design and primary innovation are emphasized, achieving combination of technology and arts. Graduates of this specialty have outstanding professional skills and are praised by their employers. With constructed in the current years, the non-traditional machining training rooms, mould detachment and assembly train rooms, mould detection training rooms and mould design drawing rooms are established, which means the perfect teaching facilities in the school.



Stamping mold design and manufacturing, Plastic mold design and manufacturing, Mold CAD (PRO / E), NC programming and operations, Engineering drawing and CAD, Mechanical manufacturing technology, Mechanical analysis of application etc.



CNC Machine Manufacture Certificate of Senior Workers, A or B Level of High School English Application, Grade One Or Two National Computer Rank Examination Certificate