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Shunde Polytechnic emphasizes reform on educational methodology in an effort to improve the quality of its graduates and to promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. Guided by its distinctive philosophy on educational quality, Shunde Polytechnic regards integrated development of students and their adaptability to socio—economic development as the fundamental criteria for evaluation of educational achievement. Through pedagogical innovation that emphasizes systematic integration of training in contemporary workplace skills and the shaping of desirable personality of students, Shunde Polytechnic endeavors to train students with integrity, healthy personality, practicality and professional ethics while demonstrating satisfactory mastery of professional skills and relevant theories. Since 2005, the professionalism of students is fully demonstrated by their outstanding achievement in various professional skills competitions at and provincial levels. Shunde Polytechnic (SDPT) has been leading other vocational education institutes, with 108 first prizes, 174 second prizes and 175 third prizes won in national competitions in addition to 169 first prizes, 194 second prizes and 207 third Prizes at the provincial level. SDPT ranked first with the highest total score among Guangdong Colleges Skills Competitions in 2014.